Panix Shell Services: Disk space

Shell accounts include 6 GB of disk space on a RAID server. RAID servers offer data protection by virtue of their redundancy. If a disk fails, there is a "hot spare" immediately available to replace it, and no data is lost since it's stored in more than one place.

Additionally, Panix's RAID servers offer special short-term backups called snapshots. Several times a day, the server records whatever files are in your account. If you accidentally delete a file, or over-write and save the wrong version, it's often possible to retrieve the file you want. Since deletes on a Unix system are normally irrevocable, this is a huge advantage over conventional disks.

Of course, this sort of storage is much more expensive for us than conventional disks would be for the same amount of storage. But to protect our data, and yours, we think it's worth it.

Shell quotas currently include mail stored on the mail server, in users' home directories, in users' web space, and, for those who have it, in their MySQL database.

Users who need more space can purchase it in 1.5 GB blocks at $5/month per block. If your account has billing permissions, you can add or reduce disk space at, or you can send us email to make the request.

More information can be found in our help system:

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